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Syro Malabar Community has been very active since early 1970’s in the Kingdom of Bahrain through their dynamic participation in all activities of the Sacred Heart Parish.


Enhance development of the inherent the qualities of individuals for sustainable coexistence of all humans in a socially viable environment.


create an environment appropriate for the maximum development of the potentials, spiritual, physical, and social, for the benefit of its members and the society atlarge

Work of Mercy Award

An accolade for altruistic humanitarian love translated into real time activities, with the purpose of exemplifying the social activists and their humanitarian activities


Publication of its annual Magazine is a huge work with unaffected dedication of its members. The Syms members worked as a team, and as a family.


Kindom of Bahrain Reg no 6/G/AG
If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way

It is very common to every human to be recognized that he or she exists regardless of what and where. However, there is an inner drive in every human to prove beyond the mere existence (objectification) to that of more significant way of being in the world by asserting what each one has. This assertion of what one has is not complete unless one is not able to recognize the existential surroundings with multitude of beings around. Whether the individual find the ‘freedom to be’ depends on his or her ability to go beyond objectification of the self to accept the one-self and others as subjects. This subjectification of the existential beings is possible by realizing one’s potentials in the real world of beings where the pangs of being – love, pa

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Board of Directors 2016 - 2017
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Joseph K Thomas

Founder member and Founder President of SYMS. Serving in Bahrain since 1981
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Thomas John

Vice President
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General Secretery


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